Is Church a leisure club or a mission training school?


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Author: Pastor Dong Jia-Hua

Translation of article in “Behold” magazine by Keith Ranger

He says – “I recently attended a Conference of workers from a number of different places in North America on how to do lasting and effective evangelistic ministry in the lives of international students, especially in the area of being up to date and not behind the times in reaching out to those from China. The expressed need was for relevant and engaging methodology and really making an effort to keep up to date with ‘where these people are now coming from’ in terms of their expectations and priorities. Things can, and do, change so fast! We cannot, and must not, live in the past!

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Discipling Chinese to thrive in China

In our last letter we looked at the first of three characteristics of a successful returnee: they have been discipled as a Chinese Christian to live in a Chinese context. In this newsletter we have some suggested resources.

What is Discipleship?
This 12 minute video clip by Tony Payne of Matthias Media is a very helpful summary of Christian discipleship.

Why Contextualise?
What is the importance of considering culture and contextualisation when doing ministry with Chinese? In this podcast Australian Sam Chan and American Jackson Wu discuss contextualisation and how it works out in Chinese ministry.  Note: this podcast talks about some complex issues so you may want to listen to it a few times in order to understand.

Chinese Christians and Chinese Culture
What are some of the issues that Christians face in Chinese culture? This article highlights some of the issues Chinese students and returnees face.

Cultural challenges facing new Christians

Wish Lanterns: Young lives in New China
This book follows the lives of six young Chinese people born in the 80s and 90s. Their stories are a window into what makes this generation tick. This is not a Christian book but it is helpful for understanding the culture and context of Chinese international students here in Australia.

Ash, A. (2016). Wish Lanterns: Young Lives in New China. Picador (can be purchased on Amazon).

Thriving Turtles – Our Values

In the last two letters we have shared our vision and mission statements.  Below are our values, that is the way we seek to work together as a team as we seek to glorify God by completing the task he has given us.

  • Faith in God – We depend on God to provide all our ministry needs through prayer.
  • Biblical – We are centred in the Bible.
  • Innovation – We value creativity and “out of the box thinking”.
  • Love and humility – We practice love and humility in our team and with other ministries, as we forge a new way forward.