Bible Studies for Chinese Students

This post has some suggestions for Chinese and English Bible study materials.  We have included links to sites where you can order or download the materials.

Bible Studies in English and Chinese from the UK

The Sea Turtles UK website has Bible study materials in English and Chinese.  Go to the link below:

Two Ways to Live

This is a simplified Chinese version of a well known gospel outline.  The link below is to a web version.  It’s also possible to buy printed versions in English and Chinese from Matthias Media

Christianity Explained

This is a 6 part presentation of the gospel message and the materials are available in English and Chinese.

Bible Storying

Telling Bible stories is a good way to share the gospel as well as to train new believers.  This website has Chinese bible stories in Chinese that you can share with students.

Seekers Class Bible Studies

This is a series of 4 studies designed by a Chinese worker.  The materials include English, Chinese characters and some Pinyin.

Seekers Class 1

Seekers Class 2

Seekers Class 3

Seekers Class 4a