Bible Readings for the first month back home

Strength to Stand: 31 Daily Bible Reading Notes for Chinese Returnees

The first month back home can be the most challenging time for returnees to read the Bible regularly; they lack routine and can struggle to find time alone. However, it’s also one of the most important times to be constantly reminded of God’s truth and to establish good patterns of regularly listening to Jesus in their life back home.

LINC Ministries has produced this pack of 31 daily readings going through the book of Ephesians, aimed to help form a habit of Bible reading for the first month back home. Ephesians was written to Christians who had to go against the flow in order to follow Jesus, and who were tempted to feel insignificant and weak as a result. Like many returnees, they needed to be strengthened by knowing God’s big plan for the universe, for all of eternity!

Strength To Stand is available in Chinese and English. It can be found at http:// along with lots of other resources.  The link is under “Quiet Time Notes” use “Ephesians” for English and “here” for Chinese.