Security and Communication in China

Big Brother is Watching

In recent months, news articles have pointed out developments in censorship and communication in China, and I have been asked many times for advice on how to communicate with Chinese people, both here in Australia and in China. There is no easy answer to these questions, but let me try and lay out some of the known facts and then consider what options are available.

Big brother is watching: Social media and communication in China

What is Wechat?

If you don’t know much about WeChat or why it’s so popular with Chinese people then this infographic is a helpful summary of what it is and what it does.

One in a Billion Academic

Mark studied in the USA and became a Christian. He has since returned to China, married and now works as an Academic. In this short video Mark shares about his life back in China.

The Revenge of Analogue Discipleship

Now, it is easy for people to have access to knowledge and think this is the path to discipleship. Watch the right content, download the right lecture, read the right Bible study, and you’ll grow as a Christian. It’s never been easier to get great content. But you need more than good content to disciple you; you need Godly Christians to spur you on. While content from Christians may aid in your discipleship process, you need real-life flesh-and-blood, Spirit-filled Christians around you to help you become more like Jesus. This blog post is a helpful reminder of what discipleship is really about.