New Cross-Cultural Ministry Training during the summer break

Currently, most courses in cross-cultural ministry are only offered during semester times when campus workers are busy with ministry.  The Summer Institute is a new initiative of Thriving Turtles to equip front-line gospel workers with the knowledge and skills they need to be effective cross-cultural gospel ministers.  The Summer Institute offers short modular courses at the end of the summer holidays each year.  These courses build on each other, and the training can extend over several years.  Our facilitators have extensive experience in cross-cultural ministry.  The courses are provided as eLearning through our online Moodle classroom, and are highly interactive with forums, chats and video conferencing.  This platform allows us to offer this training at a very affordable cost. With an investment of 10 hours over a 2 week period each year, and no need to travel away from home, you can equip yourself to be a more effective cross-cultural minister of the gospel.

29th Jan – 15th Feb 2018 – Trial courses for free

For more information see the website via this link

Infographic Video: