Connecting Returnees With Churches

What does it take for returnees to thrive – Part 3

If isolation is a key underlying problem, then helping students to make connections that will develop into nurturing and supportive relationships in China is a critical need and the best place to find nourishing spiritual relationships should be in a church or fellowship. What can be done to connect returnees to churches and fellowships and help them to settle? In this third and final part In this third part we will focus on how to help returnees settle in a church or fellowship where they can serve and be supported in their daily Christian walk.

Returnee Preparation Checklist

What do we need to do to prepare a Chinese Christian to return to China?
We have created this check list which suggests some helpful things that could be done.

Returnee Stories

Real life stories can be encouraging and challenging. This webpage has several video and audio recordings of Chinese returnees talking about their experiences of returning to China.

Thriving Turtles Training: Cross-Cultural Training for Intercultural Discipleship

Currently most courses in cross-cultural ministry are only offered during semester times when the campus workers are busy with ministry. Thriving Turtles Training is a new initiative to equip front-line gospel workers with the knowledge and skills they need to be effective cross-cultural gospel ministers. Thriving Turtles Training offers short modular courses at the end of the summer holidays each year. Next courses 28 January – 8th February 2019.

Global Prayer Movement for East Asians on the Move !

85 million East Asians are living, studying, working outside of their home country. Because people are often more open to the gospel when they are in a new land, we anticipate enormous spiritual breakthrough as a result of this prayer movement! We pray not just for individuals, but for individuals who will be equipped as a mobile, global mission force: bringing the gospel back to their homelands or to other under- evangelized communities! A global prayer movement is being organized for 25 days from 3rd September. To take part click the link on the page below to send an email and ask to be added to the list. You will receive a prayer point each day from 3rd Sep to 3rd Oct. This page also contains some other helpful prayer information.

Appreciation for Ministry Received

I am an international student from China studying in Sydney, and became a Christian about two years ago. It’s so encouraging to read about international students/returnees who became Christians overseas. I feel like I am seeing myself in those stories. Click the link to read more of this personal testimony.