Returnees and the Church in China

Returnees Committing to Church in China: I wonder what excites us most about the prospect of brothers and sisters returning to China:

  • How wonderful to have this godly man heading up a hospital, refusing underhanded deals with pharmaceutical companies.
  • How strategic to have this winsome sister working as a university lecturer; just think about the kind of impact she could have on a whole generation of students!

Yes, such inspiring thoughts spur us on in serving our Chinese friends from overseas and yet how individualistic is this perspective? Indeed, perhaps we do stress the importance of church but to what extent is this merely pragmatic? Without a supportive church community, how else will our friends stand firm in such a challenging context? No, this is something far more significant for church is right at the heart of God’s eternal plan. (Ephesians 3:10)

Is the Church a leisure club or a mission training school?

Two years ago a fellow pastor from China came to America for further theological study. He sadly admitted ‘If I’m honest, I am afraid and reluctant to receive hai-gui (those returning to China). They constantly extol the good points of the churches overseas and say that those churches are hugely superior to churches in China. Many of these self-confessed Christian believers have never offered themselves for baptism, or, if they have, what does their confession of faith really add up to? How can true confession and profession of faith really exist, without real commitment? In China, coming to faith in Christ means acceptance of costly commitment!

What is Christianity in China Really Like?

The goal of understanding what China is really like must be tempered. Or at least approached in a way that allows for ambiguity and recognizes the enigma of the subject. Toward that goal and in that spirit, here are five things helpful to understand about the church landscape in China.

The Church in China – An Introduction

A common misunderstanding by many Chinese today is that Christianity only came to China very recently. In actual fact the first documented arrival of the Christian faith to China is during the Tang dynasty in 635AD. This article is intended to be a brief introduction to the church in China for Chinese who have become Christians while overseas and want to understand something about the church in China before returning there. The article is available in English and Chinese.

One in a Billion Video – Shepherd

Andrew is a pastor in a House Church in China. In this video he shares about his life and ministry and what it’s like to be a pastor in China.

The Church in China today – online course

“The church in China? Isn’t Christianity illegal there?” Maybe this has been your reaction to hearing about the church in China or maybe you’ve heard others react this way. As with many things in China, the answer is ‘yes and no’ but the part that is an absolute ‘yes’ is that Christianity in China is growing. Whether you’re simply interested in China or looking to serve there, this course will provide you with excellent foundational knowledge on the church in China today. The lectures are conducted by Dr. Brent Fulton, author of China’s Urban Christians: A Light That Cannot Be Hidden.

Thriving Turtles Training – Cross-cultural Training for Intercultural Discipleship

Currently most courses in cross-cultural ministry are only offered during semester times when the campus workers are busy with ministry. Thriving Turtles Training is a new initiative to equip front-line gospel workers with the knowledge and skills they need to be effective cross-cultural gospel ministers. Thriving Turtles Training offers short modular courses at the end of the summer holidays each year. The next course is 28 January – 8th February 2019.