Coronavirus: Threat and Opportunity

Returning to Australia from China during the Coronavirus outbreak: a personal experience

When the news came that Australia had also closed its borders to all Chinese nationals who did not hold a permanent residency, my heart sank. You see, more than half of the 200,000 Chinese international students are stuck in China. That includes a large number of the student leaders and students in various university FOCUS Christian groups, including my own group at Sydney University.

Letter from a pastor in Wuhan, China

The situation is so critical, yet [we are] trusting in the Lord’s promises, that his thoughts toward us are of peace, and not evil (Jeremiah. 29:11), and that he allows for a time of testing, not to destroy us, but to establish us. Therefore, Christians are not only to suffer with the people of this city, but we have a responsibility to pray for those in this city who are fearful, and to bring to them the peace of Christ.

Five prayer requests from behind the Coronavirus curtain

Having received numerous questions about our well-being and needs, I thought it might help to share some prayer requests from behind the Coronavirus curtain.

Wuhan Church: “Take care of yourself, your family, and neighbours with Christ’s Love”

On January 25, the eve of the first Sunday Service after the nationwide epidemic, a church in Wuhan (Wuhan being the source of the epidemic) issued a prayer initiative and notice on gatherings to advocate for prayers for the safety and health of medical staff (and their family members) fighting on the front-line, and also ourselves and our families.—take-care-of-yourself–your-family–and-neighbors-with-christ-s-love-_8810

Coronavirus: Chinese pastors go digital

The capital of Hubei province, Wuhan is one of the most developed cities in China and classified as a “New Tier 1 city”. It is a manufacturing hub with a population of over 11 million and a land area of nearly 8,500 square kilometres.

Fear of the virus spreading has left the streets unfamiliarly quiet, and reports are also surfacing of churches cancelling outreach efforts and worship services.

Pastors are making use, instead, of various forms of digital media to shepherd their flock.

What is it like in Wuhan? – Video

Wuhan, the Chinese city identified as the origin of the coronavirus outbreak, has been on lockdown since 23 January. The Guardian spoke to residents, expats and tourists currently in the city about what it’s like living in quarantine.

Serving effectively in the face of a pandemic

The deeper question to ask is, “How do we remain a strong light if indeed the darkness looms in the form of disease?” This is really a question of resolve and effectiveness under circumstances that are above and beyond what our world would expect us to endure. But God has different expectations than this world, and we must ask him what things he would have us do to prepare for the possibility of Avian Flu or other global diseases that could impact every facet of our ministry. This article was first published in 2006 after the SARS pandemic.