Upcoming Events: September 2020

From time to time we hear about other resources and events that might be of help to you. Below are some recommendations:

The Blessing in Mandarin

You may have seen various versions of this song which is a version of the Aaronic blessing sung by groups of people online during Covid. This version is in Mandarin Chinese and is performed largely by students – many of whom have probably been international students and become Christians overseas. This is a moving expression of God’s work in His world. You should find it encouraging yourself and you may like to share it with students you know.


Webinar: How Relevant Is the Gospel for the Chinese?

In this upcoming webinar, I’Ching Thomas will talk about how we can articulate the gospel in terms that are attractive and significant to our Cultural Chinese friends. We will also see how a Cultural Chinese can be a follower of Christ without having to shed his ethnic identity— one can be Chinese and a Christian with honor. I’Ching is the author of Jesus: The Path to Human Flourishing. The webinar will include insights drawn from the book. We have found this book very helpful to understanding a Chinese mindset so we recommend this webinar. The webinar will be around 10am 11 September in Australia (7pm 10 Sept in USA).


Culture, Chaos & Christ Conference 2020

The ‘Culture, Chaos & Christ’ Conference will now be held online via livestream on Saturday, 12 September, 9am-12pm.

Hosted by the Brisbane School of Theology: Centre for Asian Christianity & Sydney Chinese Christian Churches Association, this conference will focus on Culture, Authority & Church: ‘Why don’t they listen to me?’

Guest speakers include, Rev Ying Yee, Dr Devin Yu, Grace Lung, Rev Herbert Chan, Ps Adam Ch’ng & Rev Dr Andrew Prince.

This live-streamed event will be a combination of talks from our guest speakers as well as discussions in breakout groups and a live Q&A