Thanks for your articles and blog

We recently received this email in response to our articles and newsletters.

We have been working with a small group of visiting scholars from China. Your blog and articles are most helpful. They are well researched and contain godly advice. We are having a small workshop inviting like-minded church leaders/pastors to discuss how to help the returnees.  We will introduce your website to them. Just last week we had a professor say the sinners prayer and he said he is in conflict as he has to sign the communist pledge to say he has no religion.  He will be going home in a few months’ time.  We need wisdom how to advise him.

Appreciation for ministry received

We recently received this message from a Chinese student. 

I am an international student from China studying in Sydney, and became a Christian about two years ago. It’s so encouraging to read about international students/returnees who became Christians overseas. I feel like I am seeing myself in those stories.

Over these two years, I am grateful to have Bible based trainings conducted by Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students. I am also grateful that through these trainings, God is preparing our hearts to stand firm in persecutions, trials, potential harm from cults, and prosperity gospel back in China. God is also working in my heart to go back to China with the gospel as His ambassador. This is like a dilemma for me, knowing the suffering I might need to go through but also China’s hunger and thirst for salvation and justice that can only be found in Christ. I pray that God will reveal His will for me and that the international students, who are seeking God or have become Christians while studying overseas, can know the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and Treasure.

Many international students wanted to stay overseas but didn’t manage to get Permanent Residency. They were forced to go back to home countries without preparation for suffering for Christ. So I also pray that they can be more thoroughly equipped, trained and prepared for suffering back home through returnee ministries like the Thriving Turtles knowing the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and Treasure.


This story is a work of fiction, however it is based on the real life experiences of many Chinese students.

George is from a well-connected family in Beijing. He came to Australia to do a Masters in Accounting and Finance degree.

During orientation, George met some friendly students who invited him to their Christian group that met on campus. These people had something that he’d never experienced before and the more time he spent with them the more George was drawn to them. After several weeks, George understood the gospel message and responded to Jesus’ call on his life.

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