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Thriving Turtles Training – Cross-cultural Training for Intercultural Discipleship

Thriving Turtles Training is a new initiative to equip front-line gospel workers with the knowledge and skills they need to be effective cross-cultural gospel ministers.  Thriving Turtles Training offers short modular courses at the end of the summer holidays each year.  These courses build on each other and the training can extend over several years.  Our facilitators have extensive experience in cross-cultural ministry and the courses are provided as eLearning through our online Moodle classroom.   The courses are highly interactive with forums, chats and video conferencing, and this platform allows us to offer this training at a very affordable cost. With an investment of 2 weeks a year, and no need to travel away from home you can equip yourself to be a more effective cross-cultural minister of the gospel.

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Pre-Return Seminars

Every year around thousands of Chinese students come to Australia. It’s wonderful that many are open to the Christian message and respond to Jesus. However there are many challenges to being a Christian in China and research shows that 50-80% of those who believe in Australia will lose their faith after returning to China.

Chinese students are often unaware of how difficult returning to China will be particularly when it comes to family expectations, work pressure and settling in a Church. Our pre-return training starts by highlighting and discussing these issues from a Chinese perspective then strategising appropriate ways to face these challenges and prepare for them. These seminars are about prayerful dependance on God not simplistic answers. The seminars provide a safe space to talk opening about fears and challenges and prayerfully prepare for what is ahead.

These seminars are designed in modules so they can be run together or over a period of time. Each session can take around 90-120min allowing for discussion time. Seminar topics include:

  • An introduction to being a Chinese Christian and thinking about returning home
  • Family expectations
  • Work pressure
  • Finding and committing to a Church

These sessions are normally conducted in Mandarin to help the students talk about the issues in their mother-tongue.

Our presenters have experience of living in China and working with Chinese students. We are also able to include content from Chinese returnee workers from China.

If you have a group of 5 or more Chinese students and you would like to host a pre-return seminar or series of seminars then please contact us.

Pre-Return Training Resources – China Specific

Returnee Handbook – On the Road of Homebound Journey

by Overseas Campus Magazines.

This is a very detailed resource with lots of information and questions.  You can choose sections of the materials to work through in a conversation with an individual student or with a small group of students.  Some sections could be given to students to work on themselves.

There is a Chinese version of this book.  It is available on Amazon or in Australia it can be purchased from:

OMF International.

18-20 Oxford St, Epping NSW 2121
PO Box 849, Epping NSW 1710

Phone: (02) 9868 4777

Email go to:

Returning Home to China: An equipping guide for Chinese Christians returning home

By China Outreach Ministries

This is a shorter book than the one above.  It is only available in English

China Outreach Ministries – 2008 – Returning Home to China An equipping gude for Chi

Check List for Preparing Chinese Returnees

What do we need to do to prepare a Chinese Christian to return to China.  We have created this check list which outlines different things that could be done.  We are trying to prepare more of the resources that are mentioned in this list.

Check List for Returnees V2 1-2-18