Christian Language Resources

If you are learning mandarin Chinese with the goal of doing ministry in Chinese then this page has links to some useful resources:

Happy Hour Textbooks

This is a complete curriculum for learning to read the Chinese Union Version (CUV) Bible and to learn Chinese language to pray and talk about your faith.  Originally developed in Taiwan for training full-time overseas Christian workers it has been adapted to use with Chinese from other places.  Although the first few lessons look very easy it is recommended that you don’t start this until after 8-12 months of full-time mandarin studies.  The course will take more than 400 hours to complete.  It’s best if you can find a Chinese Christian to help you as a tutor and work through the materials. You can download the textbooks in pdf format as well as sound recording files in mp3 format from the following website:

Simple Chinese Worship

The file below has some Bible readings, prayers and songs to help you get started using Chinese to worship God.

Simple Chinese Worship

Chinese Spiritual Terms

The spreadsheet below has a large number of spiritual terms in English and Chinese.  Using the search function in your spreadsheet app you can use this as a dictionary.

Spiritual Language data

Chinese Bible with Pinyin

This site has pdf documents of the Union Version (CUV) and New Chinese Version (NCV) simplified Chinese Bibles with Chinese characters, Pinyin and English.  There is also a NCV traditional version with Bopomofo.  The pdf documents can be downloaded for use on computers or tablets or you can print out the pages you need to use.