Returnee Training

Returnee Handbook – On the Road of Homebound Journey

by Overseas Campus Magazines. (3rd Edition, 2021)

This is a very detailed resource with lots of information and questions.  You can choose sections of the materials to work through in a conversation with an individual student or with a small group of students. Some sections could be given to students to work on themselves.

The new 3rd edition has just been published. The Chinese version of this can be purchased through the link below. It has been published on the WDBook platform which is the same people who do the We Devote Bible app. It’s a good site to get Chinese Christian books. The link below is for the Returnee Handbook in Chinese:


An English translation should be made available soon. You will be able to get it from the members section of our website.

Returning Home to China: An equipping guide for Chinese Christians returning home

By China Outreach Ministries

This is a shorter book than the one above.  It is only available in English

China Outreach Ministries – 2008 – Returning Home to China An equipping gude for Chi

Check List for Preparing Chinese Returnees

What do we need to do to prepare a Chinese Christian to return to China.  We have created this check list which outlines different things that could be done.  We are trying to prepare more of the resources that are mentioned in this list.

Check List for Returnees V2 1-2-18